UH-OH “GLUE-MERGENCY!” Make sure you never find yourself in a world without glue.

October 22, 2020

You purchase a new car.  It’s shiny, runs quietly and efficiently, and gets great gas mileage.  There is nothing like it!!   You cruise around with the windows down and radio on!   Feeling great, you vow to keep your new car running like it is on this first day!    Then…time goes by, you get busy, things get in the way and you miss your first few oil changes.   You notice your car is not getting the same gas mileage as it once was.  And wait…what is that weird sound that you didn’t notice before?


Ahhhh, yes.  You wish you had gotten that oil change and check-up.  By performing the basic preventative maintenance on your new car can save you up to $1000 per year just in fuel efficiency and overall operations.   Not to mention unplanned replacement parts and days of having your car in the shop.  (source:https://www.fleetio.com/blog/by-the-numbers-saving-money-with-preventative-maintenance)

So, this same preventative maintenance program can be applied to your glue and adhesive equipment.    Here at Chicago Glue and Machine, we call outages and unplanned downtime caused by adhesive equipment failures or issues “GLUE-MERGENCIES”.   The best way to avoid the cost and hassle of a “glue-mergency” is with regularly scheduled audits and preventative maintenance.


Preventative maintenance and audits can also:

  • Increase equipment life
  • Improve functionality and reliability of equipment
  • Decrease unplanned breakdowns
  • Create a more productive operation
  • Maintain product quality
  • And most importantly…Reduce risk of worker injury


We can perform an on-site audit during an already scheduled downtime or shut down so you never miss a production day.   The goal of the audit is to find ways to prevent future issues with your equipment and production line.  To do this we will assess the type of glue you use and how much, your production process, and the health of your equipment.


So, when is a good time to schedule your audit?   We recommend an audit for every 2,000 hours of production time.  If you are due for an audit or preventative maintenance check-up, call us today!