How Full Is Your Tank?

March 9, 2023

Sometimes, overfilling something is a good thing. You know, when you get a bag of chips that’s actually filled to the brim with crunchy goodness instead of air? Or how about when you order a 10-piece wing from Buffalo Wild Wings and they accidentally give you 11? Literal chef’s kiss. But there are also moments when overfilling isn’t great and can lead to problems down the road. For example, when filling your hot melt equipment tanks.

Save Yourself From A (Hot) Melt Down

We know you want your tanks to hold as much as possible to keep production moving and to reduce the downtime it takes to stop and refill but overfilling your hot melt equipment tanks can lead to many problems. The biggest concern is the risk of serious burns and injuries when an operator attempts to fill past the designated fill line.

The equipment itself can also sustain damage because of overfilling the tank. For example, if the overtemperature thermostat is damaged, the unit could fail open which means it wouldn’t heat. If the unit experiences a failed close, it could overheat to dangerously high temperatures, past the point of repair, and cause bodily harm to users.

Take Care of Your Tank, Your Tank Will Take Care of You

While it may seem like a good solution to keep things running, overfilling your hot melt equipment tank could be a costly mistake. With the risk of damaging the equipment comes expensive repairs and preventative maintenance. Only fill to the fill line and keep your tanks happy and humming along.

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