At Chicago Glue & Machine, we think about glue 24/7/365 because we know you rely on your adhesives and equipment to do their jobs. We want to save you from a glue-mergency and machines gone bad. We know that you most likely don’t give your glue or machinery a second thought, until there’s a moment when you MUST think about it.

Engineering Adhesive Solutions

Hopefully, that moment is when you are introducing a new process or a new product and need the most knowledgeable adhesive team to help you engineer the best solution. That’s where CGM comes in! We have a large inventory of hot melt, liquid, reactive, dots and sticks ready to ship or deliver to your door the very same day. We also carry a wide array of parts and accessories and we have machines available for sale or rent. The best part — all of these offerings come with our industry knowledge to help you find the best product and solution for your specific application.

Here for Your “Glue-mergencies”

In reality, we know the moment you think about your glue is usually when something goes wrong. We have you covered then too! In fact, that’s when our expertise really shines. We call those moments of stringing, staining and pop opens “glue-mergencies”. And although we use humor in our marketing, we know that your adhesive or equipment faltering is no laughing matter. Because we’ve been in the glue business for a long time, we know that an issue can arise any time of day or night. That’s why we’ve made ourselves always available – including nights, weekends and holidays – with the glue, equipment and service you need to help you finish the job.


  • Accountability – Take responsibility for your actions and your words.
  • Continuous Improvement – Take initiative and strive to do better.
  • Ethical Behavior – Follow our Code of Ethics and meet our high standard of professional behavior.
  • Respect – Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Safety – Practice safety first – physical, intellectual and emotional -always
  • Teamwork – Offer help, ask for help, and leverage the strength of our diverse and inclusive team.


Chicago Glue & Machine is a second-generation family business that was started in 1984 when co-founders Irwin Katz and Chuck Siegal bought Chicago Box. At the time, they sold equipment to make and assemble boxes such as potdevin (gluing, labeling and laminating) machines. The founders soon sought to reinvent the product line and services. Since they were selling adhesive machines, they figured why not sell the glue too? Over the years, they continued to expand our product line by distributing H.B. Fuller products.

CGM is now led by Irwin’s daughter, Nirel Inman, and Chuck’s son, Brad Siegal, who changed the company’s name to Chicago Glue & Machine in 2010. Brad and Nirel are committed to not only growing the business that their fathers started over forty years ago, but to carrying on their legacy by always being accessible to their customers.

For an in-depth look at Chicago Glue & Machine’s history, please visit the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council’s website. CGM is a proud member of the EFBC.