Chicago Glue & Machine calls outages and unplanned downtime caused by adhesive equipment failures or issues “glue-mergencies”. We believe the best way to avoid the costs and hassles of a “glue-mergency” is with a regularly scheduled adhesive equipment audit and/or adhesive audit.

Do you know which type of adhesive you use, the status and health of your equipment parts, or if you’re using the correct pressure? During our adhesive audit process, we can answer those questions and more for you, including:

The type and quantity of glue you are currently using for your application(s)
The overall health of your adhesive equipment
If your filters need to be changed
Any leaks in your equipment
If you’re using the correct pressure
Any inefficiencies that we may find in your equipment setup

Once your adhesive and/or adhesive equipment has been audited, you can trust our team to prescribe and execute any preventative maintenance that is needed to avert potential issues in the future. Click here to learn more about our preventative maintenance services.

We suggest scheduling an adhesive audit for every 2,000 hours of production. Are you due for an audit of your adhesive and/or equipment? Call us at (800)-419-GLUE.