Module Technology – Making the Right Choice

June 19, 2020

There are 2 types of pneumatic modules to choose from: air on/air off & air on/spring close.  Variables can include application, viscosity, technology of adhesive, and speed. It helps to understand the advantages and differences between each type of module.

Do you know how to identify what type of module you have? Is it ideal for your application?

Schedule an audit with Chicago Glue and Machine to help identify what type of module technology you should be running for your application.

  • Air On/Spring Close Module

    1. Industry standard
    2. Ball and seat assure good cutoff with spring return
    3. Low to medium speed applications
    4. Limited to lower viscosity adhesives
    5. Spring tension adjustable
    6. 3-way solenoid valve


Air On/Air Off Module

  • Ball and seat assure better cutoff with air close
    Medium to high speed applications
    Exceptional accuracy for demanding applications
    Better with higher viscosity adhesives
    No tension adjustments
    Longer life cycle due to the air assist
    4-way solenoid valve



Module technology has changed over the years. There are many to choose from;  self-cleaning, reduce cavity, zero cavity etc.. but the air on/air off and air on/spring close remain the same.

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