Looking Out for Each Other With Social Distancing Practices & Oranges

Yes, oranges! Find out how eating an orange can boost your mood while self-isolating.

Everything has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re all adapting to new behaviors, working environments and best practices. But what isn’t different is the people we rely on and have built relationships with over the years. In these unprecedented times its more important than ever to look out for each other, and we are grateful that the Chicago Glue team has a strong community of support.

At Chicago Glue, we have implemented the following changes to our operations in order to keep the health and safety of our team and clients a priority:

– Everyone who can work from home is working from home

– We are prepared that this could last a while and those working from home are authorized to purchase desks, supplies, increased internet plans, and tools to work safely and ergonomically efficient from home

– Within our facility, we are investing in additional equipment to make it easier to maintain at least a 6’ distance and have less equipment be shared

– We are leveraging systems to deliver and receive business documents and receipts electronically

We recently shared our experience during the pandemic with Chicago Glue’s health insurance provider, Marcus Newman, Vice President of Employee Benefits at GCG Financial. His positive outlook on life gave us a boost we needed, and we wanted to share his words of wisdom with you. Take it away, Marcus!


This is truly an unprecedented time! Just watch the news and you will see that many of the things that are happening to us have never happened before. As a result, some of the things we are doing we have never done before as well.

In the area of “SELF CARE” we must make more of an effort. To stave off the anxiety of COVID-19, the overeating, the extended “quality” time with family, pets, and all of their needs, etc. Taking care of ourselves is more important than ever before.

A short trip around the internet will show you that people are walking, pushing up, working out, dancing, and all kinds of stuff that looks like self-care. But what about EATING AN ORANGE IN THE SHOWER?  That is right EATING an ORANGE in the SHOWER! When I first heard it, I could not believe that it was a thing either.

My 17-year-old daughter, Talia, told me that she thought I was grumpy – and that I should eat an orange in the shower. She said that it would make me happy and put me in a good mood.

“What?!?!” I said, “That is gross and silly, and I would never do that!” But I did do it! Here is what happened: It was great! It was fun! It was delicious! Most of all, it put me in a good mood, and I have been doing it every morning since and I LOVE IT.

At GCG Financial we are Employee Insurance Benefit Brokers. We are actively caring about how you are covered if-and-when you get sick and how much it will cost you. But we care about more than that – I know it may sound a little cheesy – but, we care about you as a whole person! Hopefully, you will try a SHOWER ORANGE and see just how much we really care.

If you try the orange shower experiment, feel free to email Marcus at marcus.newman@gcgfinancial.com to let him know what you think.


We wish you safety and health, please know that Chicago Glue is always looking out for you!