We are beyond excited to welcome Gluefast to the CGM family!


PWE2334 is a seal gum that represents the latest generation in seal gum technology. It combines good humidity resistance with the fast remoistening speed needed by modern inserting and mailing machines. It forms strong bonds, remoisten quickly, and has fast retack making it ideal for use in automatic inserting and mailing machines. Because of its high adhesion, in many cases, this product can be substituted for all-resin gums when they are used for adhesion to difficult stock. This product has clean machining and good flow properties along with resistance to crusting and thickening. Its good lay flat helps eliminate jamming problems in processing equipment. This product is light in color with nice gloss and good lay flat, making for attractive envelopes. In addition to its attractive appearance, it has a pleasant taste, an advantage for envelopes that might be sealed by hand. Liquid Adhesive available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and totes.

Product Details

  • Part NumberPWE2334 DRUM
  • ManufacturerH.B. Fuller
  • Available FormsPails, Drums, Totes
  • TechnologyRemoistening
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