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Hot Melt Adhesive 25 lb Case / 1,350 lb Skid

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GF5023C is a padding adhesive developed for applications where good flexibility is required. It has an excellent pot life, heat stability, low odor, and smoking and can be applied at a lower temperature than other flexible hot melts providing a faster setting time. It has exceptional clarity, thanks to the use of an unpigmented white resin. The use of a superior anti-oxidant stabilizer provides for less charring. It is primarily for coated stock and is a slightly slower setting. It is best used for padding applications. This Hot Melt Adhesive comes in 50lb cases and 1,350lbs per skid.

Product Details

  • Part NumberGF5023C
  • ManufacturerGluefast
  • Application Temperature325°F
  • Speed of SetMedium
  • Available FormsSlats
  • TechnologyEVA
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