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Hot Melt Adhesive 31# Case / 1116# Skid

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HMM2000 is an advanced char-resistant packaging hot melt and a blast freezer grade metallocene. It has a fast speed of set and will handle most standard packaging coatings. It provides a unique combination of benefits, including: a clear and consistent color, odor and smoke-free environment, excellent thermal stability, high hot tack, increased mileage, clean machining, and a wide service temperature range and packaged in boxes or super sacks. HMM2000 is from H.B. Fuller and is compatible with Nordson equipment. It is comparable to PHC9254, PHC8280, PHC8270, Evans 7359M, Reynolds 55-804, IFS M404, Permaclear 1306, Technical 1814A.

Product Details

  • Part NumberHMM2000
  • ManufacturerPrivate Label
  • Application Temperature350°F
  • Speed of SetFast
  • CoatingsMost
  • Available FormsPillows and pellets
  • TechnologyMetallocene

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