What To Do When Liquid Glue is Hard to Find

January 10, 2022

liquid glue shortage

Raw material shortages have impacted industries across the globe, including adhesives. Whether it be due to production shutdowns or storms in the Lone Star state in 2021, all you know is you are stuck (or should we say “unstuck”) without liquid glue.

This article will help you identify an alternative solution for your adhesive applications. First, let’s look at the attributes of water-based adhesive to help determine a replacement option.

Water-based adhesives:

  • Cost less per pound than other adhesives (but much of that weight is water!).
  • Are eco-friendly and safe to use due to their heatless and odorless nature.
  • Can be applied easily via spray or roll brush at room temperature.
  • Offers easy clean-up.
  • Are chemical and temperature resistant.

Hot melt adhesive is a suitable alternative for many applications when liquid glue is unavailable.

Hot melt glue:

  • Is set by cooling, which means it sets faster than other forms of adhesive.
  • Will not freeze when shipped during winter months.
  • Can bond to non-porous substrates. As materials evolve, optimized recycled content presents adhesive challenges for water-based glue.
  • Has a significantly longer shelf life than water-based adhesive.
  • Helps you avoid skyrocketing freight costs of liquid adhesive (whose weight is mostly water).
  • Is more readily available.

If you are considering making a switch from water-based to hot melt adhesive, you need to keep in mind a few things.

As the name implies, hot melt adhesives are applied at temperatures between 250 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, working with hot melt requires appropriate personal protective equipment.

Additionally, you may need to invest in different equipment to accommodate hot melt technology. Chicago Glue & Machine offers rent-to-own programs on equipment that can be bundled with adhesive purchases!

Chicago Glue & Machine is here to save you from the drama of a world without glue. Contact us to learn more about your adhesive options