Sustainable Synergy: Channeled Resources Group Partnership

September 1, 2023

sustainable synergy

In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of business decisions, it brings joy to our hearts to see other companies taking the lead in making positive changes for a greener future. It makes us even happier when we have the opportunity to do business with those companies.

Value alignment is extremely important to Chicago Glue and Machine. When our customers work with us, we want them to know that we take our responsibility to the planet and future generations very seriously. We’re continuously looking for ways to educate ourselves on how to be more sustainably responsible and help our customers do the same. And when we find a supplier that helps us do that, well, let’s just say we’re making sure they “stick” around!

An Eco-Friendly Duo

Channeled Resources Group (CRG) is a Chicago-based supplier to Chicago Glue and Machine. They provide the release liner for our tiny but mighty adhesive dots. Release liner is the paper or film material that a label, sticker, tape, or other sticky item lives on. Once the sticky item is applied to the product or container, the release liner is no longer useful… or is it?

Just like CGM, CRG is dedicated to finding ways to make doing business more sustainable. They know that in the world of printing, release liners can be a huge contributor to overall waste numbers. So, they got to work figuring out a solution.

A Not-So-Sticky Situation

Traditionally, release liners were deemed difficult to recycle due to the presence of ink and coatings. However, CRG discovered that the same deinking process that removes ink from paper when recycling also removes coating on the release liner, making it recyclable. Small quantities of release liner can be included in your standard office-recycling bin. Large amounts of release liner can be taken to recycling centers that are equipped to handle large volumes. Either way, the solution ensures that release liners don’t end up sitting for years in a landfill.

A Chain Reaction of the Best Kind

At CGM, we truly believe that one small act can lead to great things. CRG figuring out how to make release liners recyclable set off a sort of domino effect. Our planet can breathe a sigh of relief knowing hundreds of thousands of release liners won’t end up in a landfill. We can do a little happy dance at CGM knowing we’re working with a supplier who values sustainability just as much as they value providing quality products. We can also count on them to keep searching for ways to be greener and help us do the same. Most importantly, our customers can rest assured that CGM is dedicated to our sustainability commitment. We’re paying close attention to the adhesive supply chain, from start to finish, and how we can be more environmentally conscious of the service and products we provide. We’re doing our part to stop waste and to improve the environment for ourselves and future generations through education and actions. And we are so proud to be doing it with the help of partners like Channeled Resources Group.

Learn more about Channeled Resources Group sustainability efforts here!