Sustainable Packaging Innovations are Here to Stay!

July 23, 2020

One of our core values is “Continuous Improvement” which we define as Take initiative and strive to do better”.  We discovered some companies that are doing just that by creating sustainable packaging solutions. We just had to acknowledge these sustainable trendsetters!


A local company to CGM is John B. Sanfilippo & Son .  They are using a clear, lightweight, 100% recyclable PET canister, the SmartCAN® from Ring Container Technologies, to replace a composite can for its nut products. Way to go J.B. Sanfilippo!


WOW – Rema 1000 Maskinrens own-brand dishwash detergent bottle is now being made from recycled fishing nets from Danish discount retail chain Rema 1000, in cooperation with Plastix.


Italian brand Alba Cheese has switched to pallet stretch wrap that uses a proprietary organic additive from Biogone Plasticsthat causes the film to biodegrade 20-times faster than conventional film in a landfill.


A new bag-in-box package for Dreft liquid laundry, the Eco-Box, sold via e-commerce from Procter & Gamble contains 60% less plastic than a traditional rigid container.


To prevent cross-contamination between fresh produce, researchers at Texas A&M University have created a coating that can be applied to food-contact surfaces like conveyor belts, rollers, and collection buckets. The coating not only acts as a germicidal, but it is also extremely water-repellent.


U.K. meal kit company Gusto is using the Eco Chill box, a plastic-free, recyclable cardboard insulator, to keep its foods fresh during delivery. According to the company, the Eco Chill packaging will also remove 82 tons of plastic from its boxes. What an innovative solution!! Imagine if all food subscription companies used this technology.


Hats off to these companies.  For a complete list of companies see THE PACK HUB Sustainable Compendium for 2020.
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