Sustainable Adhesives Solutions for a Happy, Healthy Planet

April 20, 2023

In 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. Since then, Earth Day has been observed every year to help bring awareness, support and encourage action for environmental protection around the world. This year’s theme is all about Investing in Our Planet. There are so many ways to get involved and join the environmental movement. In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share with you ways that we can support you, our customer, in achieving your own sustainability goals.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint throughout the supply chain? So glad you asked! You can lower your basis weight and transportation costs by utilizing our packaging reinforcement solutions. You can also decrease the use of environmentally unfriendly stretch wrap during the palletization process by utilizing anti-skid adhesives to stabilize pallets to prevent product damage, rework, or employee injuries during the shipping process.

You can also employ the smallest package-to-product ratio of any form of packaging by utilizing flexible packaging adhesives, which also reduce lamination layers. To reduce food waste, use flexible packaging adhesives that help provide a protective oxygen and moisture barrier with fit-for-use films.

Recycling on Loop

Another way to help to achieve your sustainability goals is to focus on closed-loop recycling initiatives. Corrugated boxes that contain certain case and carton-sealing adhesives are recyclable. These adhesives are separated out during the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) re-pulping process, which allows the paper fiber to be fully recycled.

Renewal is Key

As an H.B. Fuller distributor, we’re proud to offer adhesives that support biodegradable flexible packaging, reinforcement tapes for repulpable packaging, and flexible packaging, water-based and hot melt adhesives that contain some bio-based materials, which are made from renewable biological sources. Together with H.B. Fuller, we’re committed to providing our customers with products that are made with bio-based materials.

Stuck on a Sustainable Planet

At CGM, Earth Day is every day. We’re proud to have our Stuck on Sustainability (SOS) committee leading the way and helping us all do better for the planet. Keep your eyes on our social media channels to see what sustainability project our team tackles next!

Happy Earth Day!