“Recycle Villain” How Pringles® is working to remove this title with new recyclable packaging.

September 29, 2020

As reported by CNN,  Pringles® brand chip is making changes to their packaging in hopes to lose the title of “Number 1 Recycling Villain” .  Pringles® parent brand Kellogg’s is manufacturing their infamous tube/sleeve design with recycled paper.  In addition,  they will offer 2 types of lids – 1 that is plastic and 1 that is paper.  No more aluminum flip tops!  Kellogg’s is taking this movement another step further and promises to use all packaging that is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.

Currently, the Pringles® container can is a  combination of foil, paper board, metal and plastic that is difficult to recycle due to the number of different materials involved.

Because all materials are not recycled the same way, the current Pringles® container is not able to be recycled at all.  According to the NHCS and US Census,  4.15 million Americans consumed 8 or more containers of Pringles® in 2019.

While this packaging is being tested only in Europe now, we hope to see this new packaging style here in the United States very soon!