Our Co-Founder Irwin Katz is Proud to be a Boilermaker!

April 30, 2020

Our Co-Founder Irwin Katz is Proud to be a Boilermaker!  

Purdue University creates a non-toxic adhesive alternative to what is currently available – based on what marine animals make themselves.

We are blown away by the new R&D from Purdue University, IN.  We share in the same core value of Continuous Improvement – finding innovative ways to get the job done.

A Purdue University research team, led by Jonathan Wilker, a professor of Chemistry and Materials Engineering, developed an adhesive that can be applied and create strong bonds underwater.

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The adhesive is called poly(catechol-styrene), or PCS. It was engineered to mimic the glue that mussels naturally use to attach to substrates in the ocean and represents the first new adhesive chemistry to reach the market in decades.

This technology was recently licensed by Mussel Polymers Inc. (MPI).


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