Manufacturing Day: Tips for the Modern Makers of our Future

October 5, 2023


Happy Manufacturing Day! Every year, Manufacturing Day (also known as MFG Day!) is celebrated nationally on the first Friday in October for a couple of reasons. First, to inspire the next generation! Manufacturing is a large industry that plays a major role in the global economy. There will be millions of modern manufacturing jobs coming online over the next decade and we need people to fill those roles. What better way to educate them about the industry!?  Second, MFG day exists to positively shift perceptions about the industry. Many misconceptions – like the lack of technology in the industry – exist and prevent many from stepping into manufacturing roles.

Chicago Glue and Machine is a proud member of the modern manufacturing industry and we’re doing our part to help educate and inspire the future of the industry. So, we asked a couple of our “modern makers” what they would share with the next generation about the manufacturing industry! Here’s what they said:

“It’s OK if you’re not great at first. Don’t get discouraged! Every time you show up, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow in your field!”

“It’s all about teamwork – be a team player! If you have a bad day, start the next day with a new attitude and new ideas on how you can do your job.”

“Teamwork is one of our core values and it’s so important! Work and practice being a team player and help one another every day.”

“Manufacturing roles aren’t just jobs; they can be careers! There are huge opportunities for growth in manufacturing.”

“Make sure to always respect your colleagues and your workspace.”

We have one message for the future workforce: Creators Wanted! If you are ready to be a modern maker and love glue as much as we do, check out our available positions. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing family!