Know Your Nozzle

March 10, 2023

Someone once said, “The success of your end application has a lot to do with the nozzle you choose.” That someone was us! Just like the uniqueness of every end application, there are a lot of unique factors to consider when deciding what nozzle fits best for your application.

Here are a few to think about:

Nozzle Engagement

What is the length of the nozzle orifice hole? You’ll need to consider this as engagement increases the flow of adhesive decreases.

Clean Cutoff Requirements

This is important to consider so you can avoid adhesive stringing or “angel hair” buildup. You also want to choose a nozzle that ensures you can eliminate scrap.

Fluid Pressure

Keep in mind that hose length affects pressure fluctuations. You’ll also want to consider the effects on fluid dynamics.


When it comes to velocity, a smaller nozzle can create higher back pressure. This provides a more powerful stream of adhesive to carry it further.

Pump Pressure Capabilities and Fluctuations

If working with an air-powered piston pump, you’ll get high, consistent pressure. This type of pump can support a variety of nozzle orientations.

An electric-powered gear pump provides a low-pressure, continuous flow. Because of the lack of pressure, a larger nozzle (.024 or larger) is required. This type of pump limits orientation options and is hard to dispense other than top-down. There’s also the downside of wasting adhesive with this type of pump.

Maintenance Makes a Difference

No matter the type of nozzle you choose, one thing that remains the same is the maintenance required to keep the nozzle clean and in good condition. This helps extend the nozzle life which keeps your adhesive flowing while saving you money. Once you select the type of nozzle to use, confirm the needed maintenance with your equipment supplier.

The Nozzle Nerds

Need help selecting a nozzle? We’re the dudes and dudettes you can count on 24/7/365 for your nozzle needs and more! Give CGM a call at (800) 419-GLUE or explore our website to find a wide variety of adhesives, parts and equipment.