Keeping Sustainability at the Top of the List

April 14, 2022

repulpable adhesives

In a previous blog post, we talked about implementing sustainable manufacturing processes. We cited a PMMI study that showed 50% of CPGs are evaluating or implementing new materials to meet sustainability goals, primarily driven by consumer demand.

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products has not waned.

In fact, since 2017 online searches for sustainable goods have risen 71% globally. In addition, according to a McKinsey & Company survey, 75% of millennial respondents cited sustainability as a purchase consideration.

So, we know that consumers are motivated by environmental factors when making purchase decisions. And manufacturers are motivated by consumer demand. Manufacturers are also driven by the desire to be good corporate citizens and reduce their environmental footprint.

Therefore, the need for sustainable adhesives is growing. Improving technologies have paved the way for developing innovative sustainable glue solutions. Let’s look at a few different sustainable adhesives that are likely to increase in demand over the next few years.

Repulpable – An ideal solution for paper and cardboard packaging, repulpable adhesives are fully soluble in water and dissolve completely during the paper repulping process. Repulpable adhesives are the most sustainable option. However, the performance of repulpable adhesives may vary based on product, adhesive coat weight, and substrate.

Renewable – As the name suggests, renewable materials like beeswax and plants are the primary ingredient in these adhesives. Because they are not made with petroleum derivatives, renewable adhesives reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainability of paper lamination, carton sealing and bottle labeling.

Recyclable – Often used in the automotive industry and for bonding glass, aluminum and steel, recyclable adhesives can be melted and recollected when the product’s service life ends. In this process, no adhesive waste or residue is produced.

Biodegradable – Mainly used with paper, packaging, envelopes and hygiene products, biodegradable adhesives are designed to be broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms.

Compostable – Certain hot melt and PSA adhesives are compostable, breaking down under specific compost conditions. The broken-down product can be used for enriching soil.

At Chicago Glue we are committed to helping our customers meet the demands of conscious consumption with environmentally friendly products and packaging. So let’s talk about how we can help you!