Is the InvisiPac System Right for You?

July 3, 2019

photo of InvisiPac Hot Melt System | Chicago Glue & Machine

Sometimes our customers express concern that they may be spending too much on glue. And usually when we dig a little deeper to find out if that’s true, it is. But the good news is that there are ways to cut costs on glue – and that’s exactly where the InvisiPac system can save the day!

The InvisiPac System can reduce glue consumption between 20% and 40%

How? No tank! The InvisiPac’s innovative design has a 70% larger melting surface than its closest competitor. That means it melts your glue fast and dispenses it immediately.

InvisiPac’s Tank-Free System:

– Heats to operating temperature in as fast as 10 minutes
– Keeps glue at consistent viscosity
– Ensures glue is in tank for minimal amount of time
– Eliminates plugged nozzles due to tank char
– Provides material tracking
– Sends alerts and errors to your email

And that’s just the beginning. With InvisiPac, you’ll experience less downtime, produce more end-product, optimize your adhesive application, and reduce your spare parts inventory. Click here to view system specs.

What are you waiting for? If you’d like a demo of the InvisiPac system, contact Chicago Glue today. We’re excited to show you how it can reduce your glue consumption and improve your production.