Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Cookie Box Feels Like it is Cemented Shut When You Are Opening a New Box?

July 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your cookie box sometimes feels like it is cemented shut when you are opening a new box? As it turns out adhesives are a vital component in many food packages. From cookie boxes to chip bags, adhesives are crucial to keeping your foods intact and fresh!


Food Packaging Compliance In An Ever Shifting Regulatory World


Here at H.B. Fuller we strive to ensure that our products comply with a vast array of global regulations.  The H.B. Fuller Regulatory Team has a presence around the world, and our regulatory experts are dedicated to deeply understanding local regulatory guidelines to help ensure that H.B. Fuller has adhesive solutions to support the market needs. Even as the world moves quickly to establish new chemical regulations, our team remains diligent in our efforts to know these trends and support our customers.


Ensuring Food Packaging Compliance On Our Adhesives


One key market which H.B. Fuller works to support would be that of food packaging.  Adhesives are used widely in primary packaging articles and those that may be utilized during the shipping process.  Each of these package types require certification by the regulatory bodies around the world including: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The European Food Safety Administration (EFSA), The Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) Food Contact Provisions, and the Chinese Food Safety Law among others.  Our teams across the globe help provide and gather supporting information as needed by our customers to feel confident knowing that our adhesives meet a diverse array of packaging laws in the food market.


H.B. Fuller is proud to support our distributors  to find packaging solutions for unique needs.  From our Research and Development teams to our Regulatory teams we will work hard to meet the needs of our customers as best we can by collaborating with distributors like Chicago Glue and Machine, whether you’re looking for an adhesive that’s approved for direct food contact, or an adhesive that meets Prop 65 regulations.  If you have any specific requests regarding food packaging regulations on an H.B. Fuller product, please do not hesitate to reach out to our group at info@chicagoglue.com or Reg.Request@hbfuller.com.


Thank you Nate and H.B. Fuller for providing this informative content.