Essential Technology to Keep Your Machines Running Smoothly

November 11, 2019

If we asked you your idea of what a dream day looks like in your facility, you would probably answer something like, “Our machines humming along and production running smoothly.” No one ever wants their adhesive equipment to turn that perfect day into an unplanned downtime nightmare. But when it happens, Chicago Glue & Machine is only a phone call away. And with our new Asset Essentials technology, we’re more prepared than ever to get your adhesive equipment back up and running and your facility back into that dream state fast.

What Is Asset Essentials?

Asset Essentials is software that we’ve recently implemented at CGM to track and log repairs on customers’ equipment. The software allows us to track the equipment from the time it comes into our shop until the time it leaves. We can see the number of visits a single piece of equipment has made to our repair shop and what services were needed to get it back performing at its best. The software allows us to generate full reports on the work performed and the amount of time that each task took. Each repair even includes a before and after image so we can see your machine go from “Eeek!” to “Nice!” with the click of a button.

Why We Love It!

Just like you, we despise outages and unplanned downtime due to under-performing or broken equipment. Asset Essentials software allows us to streamline our repair process so we can get your equipment back on the production line where it belongs faster than ever before.

For more information on our adhesives, equipment, or repair services, please contact us or request a quote. Remember, CGM is available 24/7/365 to help save you from glue-mergencies!