CGM Spotlight: Lauren Forrest

October 9, 2023

How long have you been with CGM?
9 months.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
The people.

Set the scene. What does a typical Saturday look like for you?
On my typical Saturday, I get up at either 7 or 8 and go to PureBarre. I usually go home and have breakfast with my fiancé after and we work on planning our wedding. Saturdays are usually the day we get as much done around the house and to prepare for the week, so we can relax and watch movies or sports games on Sunday.

What’s your go-to snack?
My go-to snack is a banana with peanut butter.

Tell us about your family.
I am the youngest child in my family. I have 3 step siblings, who in total have 10 kids. I have 1 older full sister. I am lucky enough to have 4 parents, my mom, dad, stepmom, and stepdad. My mom and dad don’t have large families, so we spend a lot of time with friends who have become family.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite vacation spot is Punta Cana. I have been a few times, but it has been a while. The sandy beaches, warm weather, and family surrounding me are all I need.

What’s on your music playlist?
Shania Twain, Lizzo, and Olivia Rodrigo right now.