CGM offers many digital safe & operating options to reduce paper use and lower our carbon footprint.

April 2, 2021

Our new customer portal will allow you to place orders, check on existing orders, and capture other vital account information.   All in just a few clicks!






Have a quick question for us?   Our online chat is just another resource for you to get your answers quickly.   Our chat is available on every page of our website!





Now, let’s talk about saving some time when you no longer have to worry about achieving cost reduction goals or production numbers being down due to glue machine breakdowns. The InvisiPac System  can help do that and more!







Could it be you have sustainable goals to use less electricity and plastic? Smartgrip 5025 ® offers an alternative to stretch wrap!  Follow the link to watch a video on how this adhesive is used to stabilize your pallets.






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