CGM offers digital solutions to reduce paper use and lower our carbon footprint.

Did you know? We offer safe and secure electronic invoicing and accept electronic payments.

Through ACH processing, businesses can reduce their check processing costs by as much as 93%.  Paper checks can cost a business up to $24,540 annually in terms of employee labor, paper materials, ink,  bank fees and postage.  Forbes magazine  also describes that automation is the future, and we agree.  Change is not always easy – but CGM is here to help set it up for you.

With growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus, limiting physical touch with objects is even more important during this pandemic.  This, with the goal of limiting unnecessary paper products, using technology where we can, just makes sense.

Contact us to get started with electronic invoicing and ACH payments right away.  Toll-Free: (800)-419-GLUE (4583) /contact/

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