CGM Introduces a New Customer Portal to Provide Next Level Customer Service – 24/7/365.

October 17, 2020

As technology continues to increase, the buying experience has continued to change with it. There was a time when B2B orders were only done via telephone, then came the fax machine, next emails. Now we were in an era where online ordering is supreme. With each new technology the experience became easier and faster for the customer. Another trend as to why online ordering is continuing to grow is due to the growth of Millennials in the workforce. Millennials are digital natives and prefer to use that method of ordering over any other. It is estimated that 83% of B2B buyers are millennials. Almost 60% of those buyers said that they would stop doing business with a vendor if they didn’t have an online option or if the online option they had was too difficult to use. *

At CGM we have seen these trends in the market and want to do everything that we can to give our customers the best buying experience that we can. For that we reason we have invested in our own online portal.


With just a few clicks it will allow customers to:

Place orders
Track orders that have been placed
Capture other vital information

We are excited to present this to our customers and hope that they are excited about it also.

We have created step by step instructions to help you easily navigate your way through our portal:

CGM Customer Portal Registration or Log In

CGM Customer Portal Navigation

CGM Customer Portal Order Entry

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Let us know what you like or what we can add or improve on.   Please contact us if we can support you in any other way.