CGM Implements 5S Methodology

April 22, 2020

We recently became inspired after watching a video about the company FastCap® in Ferndale, WA. Needing to make a workspace for a new mechanic, we knew this was the perfect time to reorganize and embrace the 5S initiative.



In order to reduce work space clutter and keep essential items on hand, Rafael & Nikola came up with bin storage  to better organize parts and tools that are frequently used.

All bins are clearly labeled with bin locations, part numbers and visual identifiers –  including source and minimums.



  • Adjustable standing desks were installed.
  • Industrial tool storage chests were added. Each drawer is labeled and includes foam shadow organizers.
  • New carts were added to hold customer property when in for repair.
  • Clear storage bins hold customer parts (hoses and applicator heads, etc.,) as they are removed from the gluers.
  • Magnetic bowls were installed to keep parts in place and easy to reach.



Keeping with our core value of continuous improvement, Rafael & Nikola gave the area a thorough cleaning.  We strive to make sure that there is a place for everything,  while ensuring parts are well maintained and in excellent condition.



Each day, we ensure tools are put away where they belong.  All “work in progress” parts are organized on work carts to be ready for the next day.  All trash is put away and floors swept.



By working together, Rafael & Nikola have created a 5S culture in the shop. If they see room for improvement, they are empowered to make the change. The result is an efficient and organized workspace. They are both excellent mechanics and now have the space to do their job with the right tools, parts, and safety equipment. They will be great 5S ambassadors as we move to other areas of the building!