Can My Bulk Hot Melt be Made Into Glue Sticks?

December 29, 2020

A common question that we hear from our customers is whether the exact same bulk hot melt that they use can be made into glue sticks?   In some cases that may already be happening. Some of the glue sticks that CGM makes are made from the same bulk hot melt that we sell for automatic applications.

If you don’t already buy one of those bulk products, then there is still a chance that the product you use today could be made into glue sticks.

The first step is to confirm that none of our standard glue stick products will work on your application.

There are some requirements and technical attributes that factor into whether the product can be made into glue sticks:

First: Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 1 full skid for custom glue sticks.

Second: CGM will need to determine if the product can be made into a glue stick. If the product is too soft, or has too long of an open time, it will be very difficult or not possible to make it into a glue stick.

There are other products that we can make into a glue stick, but due to the properties of the bulk product it will not perform well in glue stick guns. If the viscosity is too low or the product is too soft, then it could drip or flow out of the glue stick gun as it sits.

We can make glues sticks in all the standard diameters based on the glue stick gun that you are using. They can also be cut to whatever length you would like.

If you are interested in learning more about this please contact us at (800) 419-Glue (4583), drop us an email at,  or ask your questions via our new online chat!

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