Are you using the right NOZZLE for your HOT MELT application?

March 11, 2021

There are so many different equipment brands with different applicator models.  All of those applicators have different options of modules and each module has its own nozzle.  On top of that there are so many different nozzles and module styles.

How could you possibly choose the best option for your application?

Below are some questions to help narrow down the options that are available to best suit your hot melt application:

What brand and style module do you have?

How many beads of glue need to be applied?

If multiple, how far apart do the beads of glue need to be?

Does the glue need to be applied straight down or at a 90° angle?

What size bead of adhesive do you need?

How far away is the applicator from the substrate the glue is applied to?

Each of these questions are critical in selecting the correct nozzle for your hot melt system. We can help you answer these questions and come up with the perfect nozzle solution.

If you would like support or advice on your decision please contact us!

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