A Sticky Situation: CGM & Nyco Collaboration

July 17, 2023


As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one” and there’s nothing we love more at Chicago Glue & Machine than putting our heads together to solve a problem. Recently, Nyco Products Company, a specialty manufacturer of high-performance national cleaning brands and private branded chemicals, called CGM with a challenge: figure out the perfect adhesive to keep a measuring cup secured to a medicine bottle. Challenge accepted.

The Problem

Nyco needed a solution that would allow the measuring cup to sit securely on top of the bottle during travel. The solution needed to provide durability but also little to no residue when the cup was removed from the bottle. Nyco also wanted to ensure that applying the adhesive to the product would be safe for all employees, so that no one would get burned by a hot melt adhesive.

The Solution

CGM hung up the phone and got right to work thinking of a solution. We knew that hot melt was not the answer because the temperature of the adhesive could burn someone. This sounded like a job for adhesive dots! We sent Nyco a few different options to try and did a little official “product testing” of our own. By that, we mean we applied the adhesive dots and took turns tossing the bottle around to see which product stood the test. In the end, these small but mighty adhesive dots were our winner; a medium tack, high profile adhesive dot that would be easy to apply and keep the measuring cup secure without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Problem Solving 24/7/365

A wise man once said, “If you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.” When a client calls us up with a sticky situation, we say the same. (Maybe just not in those same words.) Collaborating with our clients to find innovative solutions is what we do. If you’re looking for an adhesive solution, give us a call at 800-419-GLUE or visit here.