4 Advantages of Metallocene Hot Melt Adhesives

June 11, 2019

With the never-ending demand to increase production, reduce downtime, and lower costs — all without lowering the quality of your product — a metallocene hot melt adhesive could be your golden ticket. Compared to EVA hot melts, they have a slightly higher price tag, but for good reason. Metallocenes have an overall better performance with four main advantages over EVAs:

#1 Clean Machining

Metallocene adhesives create less char which means less plugged nozzles. It’s simple: your machines will run cleaner with a metallocene.

#2 Reduction on Spare Parts

Because metallocenes run cleaner, that means that your equipment will need less maintenance and your parts will last longer. We’ve found that there’s a 50% reduction in wear for parts including nozzles, filters and char-related hose issues.

#3 Better Mileage

With a lower specific gravity, metallocenes use less adhesive per box. We’ve found that it could save you as much as 10% on usage, density is lower, and customers get more output from the same weight. Not only that, metallocenes may also achieve a stronger bond on some substrates such as SBS and recycled board.

#4 Reduce Downtime

Every minute your line is down is more time and money at risk. If a nozzle is plugged, that alone can cause your line to go down for 10 to 20 minutes! When you use metallocenes, your adhesives run clean and greatly mitigate this issue.

EVA products aren’t without their benefits. They’re generally more cost effective, can bond to a wider variety of substrates, and have products with longer open times. However, they tend to break down and char significantly faster than metallocenes. In order to achieve your production and cost goals, we recommend sticking with metallocenes. They’re worth the investment.

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