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SmartGrip 5025

SmartGrip 5025 is an eco-friendly, patented formulation with a fast speed of set. It offers a smarter way to palletize products with adhesive by replacing un-recyclable plastic stretch wrap. When SmartGrip 5025 is applied, it keeps pallet loads in place, dries fast, and leaves no stains or damage on packaging. Even though SmartGrip 5025 is durable, when it’s time to pull product packaging apart, it is easy to separate. SmartGrip 5025 is compatible with Nordson equipment. Sold in 25 lb cases and 1,125 lbs per skid.

Click here to watch a video of SmartGrip 5025 in action.

Packaging Applications

H.B. Fuller

350º F




Patented Formulation

Safety Data Sheet

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