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9275 HOT MELT ADHESIVE 31# /1116#

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PHC9275 is a very unique metallocene that can bond to a wide range of coatings. It’s an advanced case and carton hot melt based on patented HB Fuller technology and provides a clear, consistent color and odor. PHC9275 also provides a smoke-free environment, unequaled thermal stability, high hot tack, increased mileage, clean machining, and one of the widest service temperature ranges possible. PHC9275 is compatible with Nordson equipment. Packaged in boxes and super sacks.

Product Details

  • Part NumberPHC9275
  • ManufacturerH.B. Fuller
  • Application Temperature350°F
  • Speed of SetFast
  • CoatingsMost
  • Available FormsPillows or pellets
  • TechnologyMetallocene
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