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Hot Melt Adhesive Pellets 25 lb Case / 1,350 lb Skid

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HMM33 is an advanced char-resistant packaging hot melt that is a very strong and high heat resistant metallocene. It has a very fast speed of set and will handle most standard packaging coatings. It provides a unique combination of benefits, including: a clear and consistent color, odor and smoke-free environment, excellent thermal stability, high hot tack, increased mileage, clean machining, and a wide service temperature range. HMM33 is compatible with Nordson equipment and is comparable to: PHC9254, PHC8280, PHC8270 (H.B. Fuller), Evans 7359M, Reynolds 55-804, IFS M404, Permaclear 1306, Technical 1814A. It is packaged in boxes or super sacks.

Product Details

  • Part NumberHMM33PEL
  • ManufacturerPrivate Label
  • Application Temperature350°F
  • Speed of SetVery Fast
  • CoatingsMost
  • Available FormsPillows and pellets
  • TechnologyMetallocene

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