We are beyond excited to welcome Gluefast to the CGM family!


8416PE is a basic low-temperature EVA with a medium/fast speed of set. It is typically used for case and carton packaging applications and can be used on standard packaging substrates, such as corrugated, SBS, SUS, and similarly uncoated and lightly coated paper stock. It is compatible with Nordson equipment. It is comparable to PHC7005, 8416, Technomelt 250AWestix #ST-19, 3M #3762LM, FPC #601, Hysol/Loctite Cool Melt and Adtech #630. Packaged in boxes or super sacks.

Product Details

  • Part Number8416PE
  • ManufacturerH.B. Fuller
  • Application Temperature275°F
  • Speed of SetMedium
  • CoatingsSome
  • Available FormsPillows or pellets
  • TechnologyLow Temp EVA
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