We are beyond excited to welcome Gluefast to the CGM family!


This is a single-component, fully reactive hot melt adhesive that cross-links through a chemical reaction with moisture found in the surrounding air and substrates, to produce a thermoset adhesive. 2U258 is especially designed to have suitable open time, low viscosity, and aggressive tack to make it a very effective product for bookbinding and is good for use in perfect bound book production. The high tensile strength and low modulus of the product means that the glue line is strong yet very flexible. 2U258 is designed to cure rapidly to allow handling within 1 hour of application. The intrinsic chemical nature of paper and cellulosic products makes this adhesive ideal for bonding a wide range of coated paper stocks. PUR Adhesive in European size pails.

Product Details

  • Part Number2U2582NEFL 5GAL
  • ManufacturerH.B. Fuller
  • Application Temperature250°F
  • Speed of SetMedium
  • Available FormsPails, Drums
  • TechnologyPUR
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