Breakthrough for Diagnosing Covid-19 Quickly!

3M is developing a paper-based coronavirus test that could give results in minutes.

As reported by MPR News, 3M says it is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a point-of-care test that could make diagnosing infections nearly as simple as a home pregnancy test and would help reduce the costs.

Antigen tests are a relatively new for Covid-19. They work by scanning for proteins that can be found on or inside a virus. The Food and Drug Administration has touted the tests as an important tool for combating the pandemic because they can be produced quickly, at relatively low costs, and test patients in a variety of settings.

The paper test is still in early development, but has been fast-tracked by the National Institutes of Health with an initial approval for research and $500,000 in research funds. The effort is part of the NIH’s RADx program, or Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics, aimed at making rapid, widespread and affordable testing available late this summer.

A major emphasis will be making the test accessible to the general public which means making it affordable and manufacturing enough that they can be widely distributed to rural and as well as urban communities across the country.

If development goes well 3M is looking to manufacture millions per day, allowing for frequent and affordable diagnostic testing.

In addition to this new technology,  3M has remained committed to supporting the public health and government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 3M has ramped up production at its manufacturing facilities around the world – and continues to do so further – and is working with customers, distributors, government and medical officials to help get supplies to where they are most needed.

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