Labeling hot melt adhesive
Labeling hot melt adhesive
Part # PHL4170ZP

Pressure sensitive hot melt labeling adhesive. PHL4170 ZP can be applied by swirling or vertical roller machines like those made by Krones. Has a recommended application temperature range of between 275 degrees F and 300 degrees F.

This is most commonly when labeling PET, glass and metal:

  • Cold containers
  • Wet containers
  • Film and Foam backed labels

This hot melt may be used in compliance with FDA regulation 21CFR175.105 food packaging adhesives. PHL4170 ZP is a proven product for sports drinks and juice containers.

Packaged in 31 pound cases and 45 cases per skid in Zero Pack ® form.

PHL4170 ZP in Zero Pack ® form is a stock item. This item is manufactured by HB Fuller as part of the Clarity® product line which means light color, low odor and excellent viscosity stability.

Item must be ordered in multiples of: 31