Packaging & Bookbinding Side Hot Melt Adhesive
Packaging & Bookbinding Side Hot Melt Adhesive
Part # HL7216

EVA hot melt adhesive for slow setting applications. Has a recommended application temperature of 350 degrees F and can be used on wheel as well as extrusion applications.

This versatile product can be used for:

  • Side glue in bookbinding both soft and hard cover
  • Bonding difficult substrates
  • Sealing boxes in cold environments such as frozen pizza cartons
  • Large Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) displays requiring long open time
  • Sticking Michelman coatings: NM 70, MC 40 EAF, X 300 uncoated side, X 350 uncoated side and MC 400 uncoated side

Packaged in 31 pound cases and 36 cases per skid in pillow form.

This hot melt may be used in compliance with FDA regulation 21CFR175.105 food packaging adhesives.

HL7216 in pillow form is a stock item and is also available in pellet form. This item is manufactured by HB Fuller.

Item must be ordered in multiples of: 31