Threadlocker meets MIL-S-46163, Type II Grade M
Threadlocker meets MIL-S-46163, Type II Grade M
Part # 22221

Anaerobic adhesive for threadlocking. Torque 22TL is purple low strength threadlocking ideal for small screws, 1/4" and smaller. 

Typical applications include: 

  • Hydraulic line fitting
  • Vaccuum cleaner bell housing screws
  • Hydraulic piston nuts
  • Rocker nuts
  • Oil pressure switch assembly
  • Construction equipment bolts
  • Bulldozer track bolts
  • Railroad bolts on wear plates
  • Typewriter screws
  • Carburetor adjusting screws
  • Machinery keys
  • Applications which require compliance to military specification MIL (S-46163-A) Type II Grade M

Packaged in 10 mil containers with 10 containers per case. 

This formula is also available in 50 mil, 250 mil and 1 liter sizes. Torque 22TL is manufactured by Adhesive Systems, Inc.

Item must be ordered in multiples of: 10