Happy National Seafood Bisque Soup Day! 10/19/2020!

CGM celebrates today by putting a spotlight on Red Lobster for their continued commitment to sustainability.

In 2018 they expanded their seafood with standards commitments beyond sourcing traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood to include efforts to support healthy oceans.  Take a moment and read about the history of their commitments.  What is most impressive is that Red Lobster has been doing this since they opened their doors in 1968.

By the end of this year, they have committed eliminating single-use plastic straws with an eco friendly alternative straw.  According to Red Lobster, this will eliminate almost 150 million plastic straws per year.   Imagine if every single restaurant made this change!   They have now begun to look at ways to reduce plastic in to-go bags and cutlery.

CGM applauds Red Lobster and companies like them that make these efforts to keep our landfills empty and our oceans clean.    Celebrate SEAFOOD BISQUE DAY by ordering bowl from Red lobster today!