CGM’s Essential Guide to Movies During Physical Distancing

In last week’s internal newsletter, we challenged our employees to put together a list of binge-worthy TV shows and movies to enjoy over the weekend while practicing physical distancing. Below is a collaborative list from our team, however……one overachiever compiled a list by genre and added a synopsis and review. Are we missing a show you love? Let us know!

Collaborative Employee Picks

Schitt’s Creek
Ozark (season 3 coming March 27th)
Stranger Things
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Jerry Seinfeld)
The Office
Parks & Rec
The Good Place
Dead to Me
Breaking Bad
The Blacklist
Top Gun
Kindness Diaries
Kim’s Convenience
The Crown
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The Rookie
The Americans
New Girl
Great British Baking Show
Jack Ryan
Gilmore Girls

Movie List by Genre with Reviews

True Crime Shows/Documentaries

• An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase
• The Case Against Adnan Syed  – There is also a good podcast about it
• Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy
• Fargo – Each season is based on a real story from the North Central part of the country. Similar to the movie Fargo.
• The Jinx – Personal favorite in this category
• Making a Murderer
• Narco’s – Show about Pablo Escobar and drug trafficking


• 13 Reasons Why – Very heavy show about high schoolers and the troubles of today
• Better Call Saul – Prequal to Breaking Bad
• Big Little Lies   – Good show on HBO a lot of famous actresses
• Billions – Good show about the very rich investment bankers and the US Attorney trying to take them down
• Black Mirror – Episodes about the futuristic world and how tech could potentially affect society
• Bloodline – Heavy show about family drama and issues
• Breaking Bad – Historic show about a dad making meth to get his family money because he was diagnosed with cancer
• Chernobyl –  Docuseries about the nuclear meltdown
• Deadwood –  Show about an old mining town. Definitely rated R
• The Deuce – Show about the change of time square from the red district of the 70s and 80s to what it is today. Very rated R.
• Game of Thrones –  All-time great show. I think people know the premise
• The Handmaid’s tale – Heavy show about the world not being able to reproduce enough and society kind of breaks down. Rated R
• Lost –  Classic show from ABC. I’m furious about the ending.
• Mad Men –  Very slow show but it’s entertaining
• Mindhunter – Show about how the FBI developed its knowledge and profiles for serial killers
• The Morning Show – Great show, loosely based on the Matt Lauer situation
• Orange is the New Black – Show about a women’s prison. Rated R.
• Ozark – Great show about organized crime in MO. Rated R
• Peaky Blinders –  Great show about a gang in Britain during the industrial revolution. Rated R
• Sharp Objects – Very heavy show about Munchausen by proxy. Rated R
• Sons of Anarchy – Great show about a biker gang that traffics guns.
• The Sopranos –  Historic show about organized crime in NJ/NY. Rated R
• Succession –  Great show about a huge media company and its plan to transition company to children.
• True Detective – Season 1 and 3 are good. Season 2 was not the best. They are unrelated and can be watched separately. – Heavy show – can be disturbing. Rated R
• The Wire – Historic show about crime in Baltimore. Each season has a focus on a different part of the city (cops and gangs, international port, government, schools, and the media) and how it affects the crime situation. Rated R


• Blue Mountain State – Dumb humor about a college football team.
• Entourage  – Great show loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s life. Rated R
• F is for Family – Adult cartoon created by comedian Bill Burr. Loosely based on his life.
• It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Great show about a group of dumb friends that own a bar in Philadelphia
• The Office – Historic show that makes fun of cube life
• Schitt’s Creek – Very funny show about a very, very wealthy family that loses all their money and moves to a poor town in rural America.
• Shameless – Raunchy show about a poor family on the south side struggling to get by. Rated R
• Silicon Valley –  A tech company and the struggle to make it in Silicon Valley
• Weeds –  Single mom that starts a business selling weed to rich moms in California


• Dirty money – Good series about various companies, counties, and industries and some of the dirty/illegal ways they have made money
• Flint Town  – Water pollution in Flint, MI