CGM Transitions Back to Working Together Safely.

We seek to collaborate with our customers, suppliers and employees for the best possible strategy.

As we navigate our return to work, our promise to our customers is to proceed with courage and caution. We have enhanced our CGM health and safety procedures to include the questions below for all on-site visits by our sales and/or technical team.

We are dedicated to collaborating with our customers to create a safe environment.  We would love to hear back from you about your new PPE procedures, requirements, and ideas. Contact us directly at 800-419-GLUE or .

COVID-19 On-site Request Safety Checklist:

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The information below must be collected prior to approval for on-site visit by CGM sales and/or technical staff.

Customer name:
Customer location:

Person requesting visit:

Requested visit date:

In the past 14 days, has any person in your company tested positive to COVID-19 or been quarantined with COVID-19 symptoms?


If yes, was the are they work the same area we will visit?


If yes, what has been done to make sure the area is safe for our visit?Is the workspace arranged to allow proper 6’ social distancing during our visit?


If no, what can be done to ensure the safety of CGM employees while in your facility?


Download this form:

CGM Covid-19 On-Site Visit Checklist