CGM Tackles “Working from Home with Kids”

Look no further! We have the ultimate list of 100 ways to keep your kids busy this summer.

More and more people are working remotely from home.  Those with children find themselves trying to occupy their time in a fun and constructive way.   Normally, kids can enjoy going to different camps and recreation centers, however, with many of these centers closing, finding a way to keep them busy can be a challenge.    Our Inside Sales Associate, Becky Grotjan, realized with a little bit of effort (and the internet) you can have some fun and with different things to do to create a memorable summer.   She has put together a list of 100 activities that kids can do on their own during the day, or as a family in the evenings and on weekends.




  1. Wash your bike, car, big wheel, etc.
  2. Make a ramp out of wood/boxes or create a racetrack for your bike, big wheel or scooter
  3. Get creative in the yard – find a spot for them to dig and use their imagination
  4. Create an obstacle course
  5. Google “Dude Perfect” and then create your own challenge
  6. Jump Rope
  7. Hula Hoop
  8. Play Tag
  9. Go get ice cream or a slushy
  10. Set up a movie night outside or in the garage
  11. Catch lightning bugs
  12. Visit a new park
  13. Play hopscotch
  14. Do chalk art in your driveway or on the sidewalk
  15. Play Four Square
  16. Play in the rain
  17. Create a mini golf course in your backyard
  18. Go on a hike
  19. Go on a nighttime adventure with flashlights
  20. Go on a walk – turn it into a scavenger hunt
  21. Set up a pool or sprinkler on a hot day
  22. Go fishing or practice casting in your backyard
  23. Have a picnic
  24. Fly a kite
  25. Have a family bike ride
  26. Water balloon or water gun fight
  27. Research and catch bugs in your own yard
  28. Visit the zoo
  29. Roller-skate or roller-blade
  30. Go outside and draw a picture of something you see
  31. Plant some flowers or grass seeds
  32. Practice your favorite sport
  33. Set a personal goal in a sport (ex: catch 20 baseballs in a row)
  34. Create homemade bubbles
  35. Help a neighbor (ex: water plants, weed, bring in their garbage, take their dog on a walk)
  36. Have a campfire (cook hotdogs or smores)
  37. Camp out in your backyard
  38. Have a scavenger hunt (inside or outside)



  1. Create your own escape room
  2. Play dress up
  3. Do something nice for your pet
  4. Make homemade pizza together
  5. Make a homemade bath bomb
  6. Write in a journal
  7. Learn a new braid or hairstyle
  8. Use boxes or blocks to create a garage or highway for cars/trucks
  9. Agree on chores the kids can do around the house to earn money
  10. Set up a treasure hunt
  11. Listen to a podcast (there are tons of kid friendly options)
  12. Have a Nerf gun battle
  13. Make a play with your stuffed animals
  14. Make a race track out of painter’s tape
  15. Learn a recipe and make lunch or dinner for your family
  16. Make a homemade boat and see if it floats
  17. Play office or store
  18. Pretend your bed is a ship or submarine – use your imagination!
  19. Make homemade popsicles (go online for recipe ideas)
  20. Play charades
  21. Have them Facetime a friend or family member
  22. Learn a new word every day from a different language
  23. Go online and learn a science experiment
  24. Read or look at books/magazines for 30 minutes
  25. Play hide and seek
  26. Take a virtual field trip to zoos, national parks, museums and aquariums
  27. Paint your nails
  28. Donate old books to a library or daycare center
  29. Donate old toys, blankets, bibs to a daycare center
  30. Write a letter to a family member or friend
  31. Have a LEGO challenge
  32. Create your own sundae bar
  33. Make a fort
  34. Do a puzzle
  35. Play a board game (or create your own board game)
  36. Learn a magic trick
  37. Solve a crossword puzzle (or create your own)
  38. Build a house out of boxes for your dolls
  39. Do an online workout/yoga or create your own routine
  40. Bake cookies for a friend or neighbor
  41. Have a dance party
  42. Make homemade lemonade, iced tea, Kool Aid etc.



  1. Coloring books
  2. Make your own slime (We are particularly fond of this one – we love glue!)
  3. Create a homemade puppet (find a sock who does not have a partner and get creative)
  4. Create your own Tic Tac Toe game (use paints, rocks etc.)
  5. Make a sticker book/album
  6. Create a collage of favorite things from old magazines or newspapers
  7. Draw a dream home or car
  8. Paper airplanes (and color them)
  9. Paper plate monsters (find trinkets like buttons, yarn, rubber bands, etc. to make your monster)
  10. Paint a clay pot
  11. Duct Tape arts and crafts
  12. DIY tie dye shirt
  13. Rubber band or string bracelets
  14. Design/draw a new character for a Dr. Seuss book
  15. Draw yourself as a superhero
  16. Create a new invention out of recyclable items
  17. Play-Doh or clay
  18. Paint rocks
  19. Draw a picture of the world in different colors (ex: grass is purple)
  20. You are in an imaginary land – draw what it looks like


“I hope you can utilize this list the next time you hear the words ‘I’m Bored’!” says Becky.

Have you tried any of these?  Do you have more to add?  Share with us your favorite memories with stories and pictures